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About NXTeam Studios

NXTeam Studios

NXTeam Studios have been developing software for the switch emulator since 2017.

The Egg NS emulator was developed by NXTeam Studios in the United States over a period of two years, and is now available. NXTeam will continue its efforts to optimize the performance, stability and compatibility of the Egg NS emulator.

Our heart still lies within the Egg NS emulator and we are always active in developing New and Innovative Products that we ourselves use in our everyday gaming lives.

Get Starded! Your support has enabled us to be the best that we can be.

About Egg NS Emulator

Egg NS Emulator is a software that allows you to run Nintendo Switch games on your mobile phone. Players can run Egg NS on their mobile phones to play Nintendo Switch games, and it brings a different control experience to Switch fans.

Let’s discuss it together. You can contact us at any time with the following contact information or send a message using the form.

Customer Service and Support

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