Step 1 Download And Install Egg NS Emulator Appupdate log: ns1.0.4.apk
Step 2 Download The Switchdroid Folder
Switchdroid folder contains the game’s runtime environment.
>> Download From Google Drive

>> Download From Baidu Drive (Code: 683g, Unzip Password:eggns)

The SwitchDroid folder contains 3 subfolders and a bin file.
a keystore folder containing the KEY file.
a Bin file, which is the font support file.
a game folder for the game ROM files (This is a blank folder,can be in XCI format and NSP format games).

Step 3 Connect Your Phone To Pc
When connecting your phone to the PC, select “Transfer File” mode, and copy the whole SwitchDroid folder into the root directory of your phone.
Note* : Depending on the phone model, the name displayed in the path of the root directory of the phone may be different.

Step 4 Add Your Games’ Files
Go to the SwitchDroid folder and open the game subfolder.
Add your game’s ROM files (in XCI or NSP format) to the Game subfolder.

* how to get the XCI or NSP format games? Click here.

Step 5 Locate The Game’s Runtime Environment Files
1.Install the GameSir-X2 Gamepad on your phone and open Egg NS app.

* Currently only GameSir-X2 gamepad are supported.

Egg NS emulator

2. There will be a pop-up window prompting you to locate the directory where the games, KEY files, and fonts files are located, then click “Settings”.

* What about KEY files and fonts files……,It’s the SwitchDroid folder you added to the root directory of your phone.

3. You can locate and change the location of each required file here.

Step 6 Adding Required Files

1.Find and open the SwitchDroid folder.

2.Locating the keystore folder

3.Locate font bin file

4.Locating the game folder

5.After adding, you can return to the home page

Step 7 Start a Game
1.Click the game image to start the game.

2.click Add Account to log in.

3.If you don’t have an account, please register before logging in.

FAQs: Why I’m not getting the verification code?
Registration Policy: test version,Feel free to fill in the verification code.

4.After registering, return to the home page and click on the game image to start the game.

Just play it~~~

These are the official page of Egg NS Emulator on Twitter and Youtube.

53 thoughts on “QUICKSTART GUIDE

  1. I do believe this wouldn’t work successfuly, it needs homebrand gamepad,this is just an adervisement for gamepad


  2. Hello, my name is Daniel Rogelio. I am a YouTuber with a quite considerable audience, who would be interested in acquiring your gamepads, I would like to know if there is any possibility of publicizing your product and in exchange make a thorough review of it, emphasizing everything positive in the control. Waiting for your reply, thank you … YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/Danphantom29MusicRap Email: danphantom29@gmail.com


  3. Будете оптимизировать под mali? В частности под процессоры exynos 9 octa, включая exynos 9810?


  4. my device is xiaomi mix3, i cannot locate any files, when i press ”add” button, it crashes. Hope you guys fix this. thanks.


  5. É um Excelente Emulador.
    Só Falta Colocar Suporte Para Todos Os Gamepads Via Bluetooth.


  6. I am trying to register but I get a ‘data parsing error’ when I click ‘send code’.
    Others are having the same issue. Is this going to be fixed?


  7. why i cant register an account? unable to send verification code, ask me to check my network?? im using wifi


  8. I brought the gamepad. Have it but cant creat account!!! The other options lile facebook and wechat are grey and cant be used to login. And it says ” check network” !!! Wtf!!!!!


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