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Egg NS emulator

wow~ Run Switch games on your Android phone.

Egg NS Emulator, the world’s first mobile Switch emulator on Android.

How to play switch games on Android with Egg NS

Egg NS supports touch control and gamepad control. You can play games in the mode you are used to. Click here to find the full steps

What device supports Egg NS?

Egg NS needs chips greater than or equal to SnapDragon 855 and RAM of 6GB to support its running. And the system should be Android 11 or later. Otherwise, can only play some light games—More info
*Only for Android, IOS is not supported.

Egg NS Emulator Team

The Egg NS emulator was developed by NXTeam Studios in the United States over a period of two years, and is now available.

Our heart still lies within the Egg NS emulator and we are always active in developing New and Innovative Products that we ourselves use in our everyday gaming lives..

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NXTeam Studios